With our traditional style Country Gourmet Restaurant, we serve true Karoo
Gourmet Dishes that has won the heart of guest from 18 countries thanks to
our Executive Chef


Karoo1 has many different antelopes and over 66 bird species, the area is
also known for the roaming Cape Mountain Leopard, which footprints are
spotted every now and then.


The Lounge was created specifically for our guests as this a “chill area” where
guest can come and relax order a drink, watch TV, play games etc. in a
relaxed environment.

Karoo Lounge:

Our African Themed Bar with its Fireplace makes for a lovely atmosphere when having a drink and enjoying the local music and the beautiful Karoo surroundings.


Situated against a mountain ridge we have many hiking/mountain biking trails which leads to the top of these small mountain ridges and make for beautiful views of the farm and the famous Matroosberg Mountains.

Hiking/Mountain Biking:​

We have a Wine Cellar where wine tastings and pairings are presented upon availability. 


We have 2 pools, one at the Hotel, which is your standard Hotel Pool, next to the Karoo1 SPA, where guest can relax/sunbathe/have a drink. There is also a Pool in the canyon which is a Natural Pool in the canyon and guest can also order a picnic basket (R325 -2019) (R350 –2020) to enjoy the open Karoo Canyon Area.


Enjoy a fun and thrilling game of Boules and prove yourself the best archer on the grounds.

Archery and Boules

Phone :  023 358 2131


Email: info@karoo1.com


Location:  On N1-R318 De Doorns 6875 Western Cape, South Africa